Give your company’s offerings more reach and effectiveness using machine learning, natural language processing, and other advanced analytic techniques.

We bring:

  • Expertise in launching and leading machine learning projects
  • Real world data engineering and DevOps expertise
  • A broad minded, well-informed but practical perspective on using artificial intelligence

If you are looking to radically improve people’s mental health with technology and the smart use of data, get in touch!


45-minute discovery call

We’d love to get to know you, and hear about the challenges and opportunities you’re facing in using data to scale and improve your services and offerings. In this call, we’ll provide actionable insight and perspective on data intelligence topics that matter to you, and talk about whether we might collaborate in the future.

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Machine learning launchpad

Starting with a briefing meeting, we discuss your existing data projects and infrastructure, and identify high-value data intelligence projects. During a workshop split over two 3-hour sessions, we collaborate to develop a concrete roadmap towards getting started with machine learning. Together, we set measurable targets, and schedule regular check-ins over the following months to drive execution.

MLE/MLOps on-call

Expert advice is just an e-mail or a call away. Do you need support in choosing an MLOps tool, hiring a data scientist, or designing a full-loop machine learning pipeline? Take advantage of a six-month long, ad hoc advisory service provided at a cadence that suits your schedule and budget.

Customized package

We’ll tailor services to suit exactly what you need. For example, we can plan a focused workshop covering specific topics in machine learning or MLOps or evaluating a proposed project. We offer custom training to bring your team up to speed on implementing machine learning pipelines and getting models deployed.

Are you a digital mental health investor? We offer due diligence support, ML/data infrastructure evaluation, and digital mental health AI trend perspective so you can feel confident about what your current or potential portfolio companies are working on. For more information about our investor advisory services, get in touch.

Let’s build something great together.